A muka Pito Tie can be used to tie off the umbilical cord instead of using a plastic cord clamp. Benefits of using a muka Pito Tie is:	it is a natural product (made from fibres of the whā harakeke - NZ flax leaf) which has no environmental impact, and is plentiful in NZ	it has it's own antiseptic qualities in the sap of the harakeke	it is not bulky and doesn't get in the way of changing pēpe nappy Harakeke is harvested, muka hāro (fibre extracted) and miro (twined) by hand to make whenu (string). For those wanting to purchase in bulk (10+) please email us directly at riwa@artbyriwa.co.nz

Muka Pito Tie (Umbilical cord tie)


    The muka Pito Tie comes in a sealed envelope. Store in the freezer until needed. Freezing the muka Pito Tie keeps the sap damp and makes tying easier.



    Wrap the muka Pito Tie around the umbilical cord twice, then tie a reef knot. If it feels a bit loose in a day or two, repeat with the remaining muka.



    Keep the pito stump clean and dry. Over a few days, it will dry up and eventually drop off.


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