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Aunty Ria's Magical Remedies™

1st Aid Skin Balm

30ml & 60ml


Made with 100% natural ingredients including beeswax, kopakopa, tohetaka, sunflower oil and kawakawa.


Safe to use on babys and pets.


Useful for most skin conditions including allergic reactions to stings & bites, eczema, inflammation, reduces bleeding in cuts, removes foreign objects like gravel & splinters, repairs tissue & heals wounds. Has shown great results in fighting infections in and around wounds, and even thrush, nappy rash & cradle cap. May also help reduce aches & pains. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.



- Amber glass jar

- Aluminium lid


Made in Aotearoa (NZ)


Feedback from some of our Testers:


I usually have very dry cuticles, which I pick at and sometimes make them bleed. I have been using this balm morning and night on my cuticles, and for the first time in a long time, all my cuticles look healthy again.


My dog got an infection on his paw. It was very red and swollen. I took him to the vets, and  $205 later, armed with Rilexine/Cephalexin & Prednisone tablets, we saw results 5 days later. When it happened again there was no way I was spending that sort of money again. I applied some of this magical balm and his foot was back to normal the next day. Last week he got an eye infection so I tried this balm again. Within 2 hours, the redness had gone and the swelling had reduced. I gave him another dose the next day as it was still a little swollen, and following day it was back to normal. Amazing stuff!



Thanks for this balm. I get sores on my face and head, and this balm has healed them up and the redness is reducing.



I suffer quite bad ezcema that starts with an itchy burn. This balm soothed the area quickly which stopped me scratching it so much.



I cut my finger while preparing veges for dinner and it was bleeding like a stuck pig. I put this balm on then wrapped it up overnight. I couldn't believe how quickly the cut had "skinned" over the next day. I used the cream every day and within a week I could hardly see where the cut was.



I gashed my shin open which became infected, so went to the doctors. She said they may have to cut off the skin flap as it could die, and was given antibiotics. A week later the infection was worse. I decided to try this balm, and it was pretty much healed 4 days later. A month after hurting myself, it is now all healed with a small scar where the skin flap resealed.


My granddaughter suffers terribly from "wind burned" lips. She uses vaseline but it wasn't making much difference. I gave her some of my balm to use, and the following week when I next saw her, her lips were all but healed.


I also use it on my dogs "Elvis" lips. Her tooth rubs against the outside of her moth and makes it quite red. It is helping to ease that redness.


I then gave some to a friend to try. She had a cyst removed 12 months ago. It was still not healing and kept getting infected. She liked this balm so much I gave her the rest of my pottle. Can I have some more please?



I was suffering with thrush, then remembered I had this balm and gave it a go. Well, I couldn't believe it - it was gone the next day. Impressive stuff!


1st Aid Skin Balm

PriceFrom $19.00
Expected early June

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