Made using traditional maori finger-weaving techniques of tāniko and whatu, and contemporary materials, this Paraikete Pēpe (Baby Blanket) fits a basinet or wahakura beautifully.


The pattern and what it means

At the top is the tāniko pattern in blue, green, black and white. Green represents Papatūānuku and blue represents Ranginui, black represents night, and white represents day. Together they intertwine, like the DNA helix.


For the main body, huruhuru (feathers) of black duck representing the father, and peacock laid over the top of the black duck, representing the mother, adorn it, starting with small feathers at the bottom and getting larger at each row. The top row has 2 peacock 'eye' feathers, representing tipuna (ancestors) watching over pēpe as they grow.





Embroidery thread

Tāniko silk

Black duck feathers

Peacock feathers


Handcrafted in New Zealand by RIWA

Paraikete Pēpe

  • Using a damp cloth, sponge the affected area lightly.


New Zealand

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